Discover Tigsik

Tigsik is a short Bikol poem paying tribute or criticizing people, animals, things or ways of life. I believe the traditional Tigsik was a dalit: four lines of eight syllables per stanza and one rhyme per stanza. It could not be found in any other region of the country.

Transcending the Norm of Theatre

Arinola, Barako, Nang Magmahal ang Puta and Mama Bonsai are just some of the masterpieces produced by the home-grown talents of Sining Banwa together with other local artists.

Pambahay – Easy and Bright

Pambahay are clothes worn at home by locals so they can go about their daily house chores with ease. Textile, patterns, and colors can brighten the pambahay.

Rawitdawit- Poetry Now

Rawitdawit is Bicol poetry. As an art form, it is full of beauty and mystery and reflects the colorful Bicolano culture.

Girumdom. Down The Memory Lane

LAWIG interviewed people who spent most of their lives in the region and asked them to share their most notable recollections in life.

Revolutionizing Green Living

Tucked away in the outskirts of Daraga, Albay and nestled strategically in nature’s bounty is a thriving organic farm.