Prodigy and Provenance

Polymaths are intriguing and complex creatures – intelligent, gifted, restless, passionate, filled with extraordinary visions. Their genesis makes for fascinating stories if one has the patience to spool back to its roots. One such polymath is Jerome Lorico. He oscillates between fashion design, art, writing, mentoring…

The Talibong Tales

To the people of Libacao, it is a symbol of heritage and tradition. To anyone who wields it, the talibong is a weapon poised for both protection and destruction.

Santigwar: An Indigenous Healing Practice

69-year old Teresita Mariano, fondly called as Mommy Tess, is one of the known para-santigwar. She has been voluntarily practicing santigwar for almost four decades now…

Love in the Afternoon: A Childhood in Rawis

Lily and Love in the Afternoon drowned out the quotidian, masked the underlying national anxiety. For at least one hour every day, she carried me through worlds…

Pio Duran: Exploring its Customs and Traditions

The town of Pio Duran, also known as ‘Pioks’ or ‘Piox’ to some of its 45,000 natives, sits in the western part of Albay. Just like other Albayanos, the Pioduranons have multifarious and interesting traditions mostly related to farming, fishing, and the people’s faith. In my over 20 years of stay in Pio Duran, I have had a fair share of observations which have taught me respect, resilience, and rigor.

Transition In Style

Harvey and Ramiel, photographed at the Green Lava Trail where the beauty of nature interfuse; from the hills to the sand, passing through plants and trees up to the foot of Mayon Volcano.