Introducing The Portraiture Of Patrick Maapni


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Photographs by Patrick Maapni
Words by John Marantal

Published on June 10, 2021

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He gives us a glimpse of the creative generation of Bacolod through his photographs.

Patrick Maapni is a self-taught photographer from Bacolod City. He started taking photos in 2016. He shoots most of the time with an analog camera, acknowledging that its simplicity and process — focusing more on capturing moments rather than taking several shots — draws him to use the format. He photographs his close friends and fellow creatives; either as an output of their collaborative effort executing an idea, or as a keepsake of shared time with them. With a style that is simple and straightforward, Patrick takes pictures “to show the subjects as they are, and to show a moment as genuine as possible”, resulting in a mixture of posed and candid portraits. Immersed in the local creative scene, he describes Bacolod’s industry as “expansive”, with all sorts of talents from painters to fashion and graphic designers. Below is a selection of his works exhibiting a fusion of fashion and portraiture. It features his contemporaries in a dreamy state or vibrant mood.

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