Transition In Style

At the Green Lava Trail of Mayon Volcano,
menswear adapts to the changing season.

Note : This article was published in the first edition of LAWIG. On March 2021, LAWIG was re-launched underlining photography and design talents from the provinces of the Philippines.


Normally, seasons in the tropics do not drastically change. You get the best of either the wet or dry season. Given the undemanding climate, one can make a clear-cut choice for weather-appropriate clothing.

However, there are times in the local weather when nature quickly changes its moods. It is sunny one moment and then rainy the next. Confusing the sky’s temperament may seem,  transitional dressing can help solve your wardrobe conundrum. If it gets gloomy with a hint of rain, an outer piece can transform your otherwise summer look into a climate-ready ensemble.

Harvey De Mesa Taopo and Ramiel Arevalo are sporting transitional garb at the Green Lava near the foot of Mayon Volcano where beauties of nature interfuse.

Photographs by Sherwin Marc Andes, Styling by Edwin Cruz, Words by Jenny Zamora