Pambahay – Easy and Bright

Note : This article was published on the first edition of LAWIG. On March 2021, LAWIG was re-launched underlining photography and design talents from the provinces of the Philippines.


Pambahay are clothes worn at home by locals so they can go about their daily house chores with ease. Textile, patterns, and colors can brighten the pambahay .

The Albayano’s choice of patterns and colors represents the community’s rich culture: being the home of vibrant festivities such as Ibalon, Daragang Magayon, Cagsawa, Sunflower festival and many indigenous products. The pambahay also reflects their creativity in the way they repurpose a plain t-shirt into a cropped top or cut jeans into shorts to create new clothing without spending too much.

Take cues from this style spread.

Photographs by Onin Lorente, Words by Ranielle Navarro, Locals : Melva M. Obusan and Trisha Mae M. Manrique